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Finding our Back-to-School Family Rhythm

Published August 2, 2023
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Each year I surprisingly find myself unprepared as August quietly sneaks in. Long summer days on the lake, leisurely meals with friends and family and a fairly carefree schedule are the backdrop for slower family rhythms in our household. We generally stay awake later, appreciating those sunny rays that seem to hide from us a bit too long over the Indiana winters. We often skip the alarm clocks and operate more by the “seat of our pants,” which usually finds us functioning somewhere between borderline chaos and exciting summer adventuring. While I appreciate more unscheduled time and a less structured day, I do observe that as school approaches, I find myself ready for a steadier family rhythm. I look forward to the having some new boundaries to help me organize my time and the flow of our family activities and obligations.

With children in school who range from PreK to a Sophomore in High School, I am encouraged to be more creative in maximizing our family time. I try to be more intentional about limiting distractions, whether that takes the form of limiting screen time for all of us, making (sometimes) difficult decisions around which activities we sign the kids up for, or simply reminding myself to continually assess if our time and schedule are in alignment with our priorities as a family. I am reassured by the knowledge that with the changing seasons, our rhythms ebb and flow. We celebrate the joyful and walk bravely through the challenging. We give ourselves and one another grace and permission to learn, grow and be loved where we are and just as we are.


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