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The Encourager

Published June 11, 2021
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Have you ever met that person that just fills you up every time you are around them? It’s not that they are unrelentingly positive and even happier than average…but they just make you feel good to be around. I like to call this somewhat rare type of person the “Encourager” and in a world with plenty of critics who are happy to focus on the negative or tear others down, the Encourager remains a source of confidence and hope.

Unfortunately, I am not an Encourager by nature, but I sure appreciate those who are! I’m more of an introvert, but recently I realized the importance of taking the time to encourage those around me…especially my kids. It’s been surprising to see how recognizing their good deeds and behavior makes them smile and boosts their self-esteem, and I notice that they are, in turn, more encouraging to those around them. The truth is, when we are mindful about our word choices and speak encouragement to those around us, it fills them up and also lifts our own mood. Science has actually shown that speaking positive phrases out loud affects our own brain!

These days I am working to focus on spending more time with people who fill me up and to try and be more of that sort of person to those around me. Through affirming and encouraging others, I feel like I am spreading positive energy that continues to ripple out beyond those I interact with directly. And when I see their eyes light up at a kind word, I can’t help but smile.

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